Kame's 24/7 trash basically, but i love Yuuya. Living thy life to see TakaInoo interactions but ships InoAri when Yuya averts his gaze. Yuya is my lover at night, Inoo at morning, Hikaru at afternoon. Hyphen till death. ofc i love HSJ, i love other JE groups too!!

I am not good at talking or expressing my self, when i talk, i might hurt other peeps because i say my opinion randomly. I make friends to people who accept my craziness, laziness and my fangirling self. I'm not picky or anything it's just that less friends less drama.



#4 Random

Kyahhhh!~ Finally my first term is over!!!!! I need to catch up real soon. I missed a loooooooooot of things :'((( My list of dramas to watch has been piled up and the files that are in my desktop are such a mess, school has done me real good this time :( the only thing that keeps me from fangirling too much is the releasing of grades. :(((((((( but anywayyyy i survived again this semester!! Happy vacation to me!~ 
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*Help me add title pls*

I wrote a fic! Actually it's my first time writing a story. Any kind of story since i am more into poems. Lol. This was the one i mentioned before. I asked my friend heysayuyan to proof-read it for me since my grammar sucks.

It's a TakaInoo fanfic tho i inserted my two other OTPs. I separated it into three parts since i didn't notice that i made it soo long. So there. Hahahaha. Here's Part 1

Part 1Collapse )
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#3 Random

I impulsively bought a Peach Girl manga because of Inoo Kei!! damn you!~ Joke! I love you so much! <3 I want to rewatch Peach Girl bcs i'm soo excited for the Live Action and i forgot how the story goes tho i knew the plot. but i'm so into LoveLive! School Idol Festival these days so maybe I'll rewatch it soon! :))

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#2 Random

My current addiction is writing fanfics (i'm not good at it tho) cause I have a lot of free time in my hands. Hahaha! Hell no. I'm just stressed so i think writing fanfics helps me relieve my stress a little.I'm stressed because I'm currently having my research yet i can't refrain myself from fangirling.  :<

So I asked my friend to proof read my fic (which is about TakaInoo) and when i saw her draft, She made it so awesome!! She added details and such. I love it! Its my fic yet i'm sooo excited to read it. LOL <3

Hope things go well for me. i guess hahaha <3 I will do my best!
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My Biases <3

So yeah, I have too many fandoms when i say too many as in many. lol. both male and female groups :) Here are some of my biases both Kpop and Jpop <3

My fandoms are over 30. HAHAHA! I'm surprised when i actually counted it. I'm active in those groups, though some are not active anymore :((((

There other groups that are not included which i also like cuz i don't have bias in those. lol

I'm more of a Kpop fan so my list are full of Kpop male and female groups. :> as for Jpop, I am more into Johnny's, though i check other non-johnny's group when they sing an anime op or ending song. :>

Jpop Male IdolsCollapse )
Kpop Male IdolsCollapse )
Kpop Female IdolsCollapse )

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Sleeping Beauties

My friend dropped by in my house the other day and she gave me tons of HSJ pictures including scans and papapics. Although i have pictures but not as much as her. I'm thankful that she added a lot for my collection. <3 I was surprised that she has many gifs as well :))))) I stumbled into one folder and saw these gifs. If i'm not mistaken it's from the pilot episode of Itadaki High Jump dated 2014.12.29 <3

A/N: I don't own these gifs
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#1 Random

When i was in HS i collected songs of KAT-TUN but not the whole album. It was only the songs that i like but unfortunately it was erased. and here i am after years of hiatus, collecting their songs again. And i think i was too late because most of the links are dead :(((

I am not into buying merch/albums/etc. although i really wanted to but i don't want to bother my mom just for my whimsical needs. and for my allowances, i ought to use it only for school. So it's sad that i don't have any CD's of them. :((((

Youtube back then was my only sanctuary because for some reason there are a lot of videos of KAT-TUN there. So it was my fangirling partner. also gogodrama? somethimg like that i don't remember anymore :'(

My point is, I just love KAT-TUN thats all <3

Happy 9th Anniversary!

Thank you guys for all your hard work these past few years, you have been through a lot. Always be strong and be healthy! I love youuuuu! <3

I never thought that i would be part of this fandom, but here i am celebrating their anniversary. Hahaha! Since i watched their PV of Super Delicate way back in 2012, *actually i was force by my friend to watch it* kekeke, I always thought they were cool. Inoo was the one who catches my attention first, but then i saw Yuya and thought isn't he the one from gokusen which i always go kyaaah-ed, instead of my loving Haruma?! I loved Yuya since then. My friend gave me the other members names and I memorized them but i didn't became a fan in that instant because i am very much into KAT-TUN and i was checking out Sexy Zone and was a bit kpop fan so there. Then years past by and i stumble upon them again, I have never forgotten their names or their faces, at that time there was another friend who knew JUMP but was never a fan then i introduced them to her we both became a fan in an flash. I was really happy that i became their fan, although i regret the years that past which i knew them but not always kyaaah-ing over them, i still feel happy! I am glad that they made it this far! <3
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